Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Disney Day 2- Epcot!

Day 2- Epcot!

Seth spotted the character sighting area as soon as we walked in and there was NO line!
Best place to meet characters, ever!
Some people think you have to meet them in Magic Kingdom, but the other parks usually have less of a line since people aren't expecting to see all the characters there :)
Tip: Meet characters in Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom instead of Magic Kingdom (unless of course, you get lucky and find a no-liner!)
Caleb had been asking us since we pulled into the Disney gates about seeing Mickey.
This was his dream come true.

Lorelei loved Mickey too.  Actually, I think she loved Mickey's nose that looked like a great chew toy.

Sooo sweet! They had an instant bond :)


I love Minnie's pose here.  She kissed Caleb's cheek right after this and he turned the color of red in her dress.  It was hilarious.

Nemo ride!

Little train village display.  You's think this wouldn't be a highlight with all the other neat things, but Caleb stood there and watched the train and looked at the village for a very long time.  It's not always the big things!  Glad we took a few minutes to stop.  It was a nice break for all of us.

And by break, I mean this was Lorelei, trying to give all the other babies this intimidating face.  She's saying, "This is how I roll.  Don't mess with me or I will bop you with this paci."

Mickey called.  He wanted his hands back.

Seth's face here cracks me up.  Let's be honest.  We had a magical time, but parts of Disney, when you have two little kids, crowds of people, and little sleep, are not very magical.  I love that I caught Seth in a non-magical moment...hahaha!

Mickey hands are what he wanted more than anything else in the store.  He also used them to wave at EVERYONE!  Pretty sure they thought he worked there.

Put your hands up! Put your hands up!
Look at Lorelei thinking, "What. are. you. doing?"

Best meal ever!!!  The revolving restaurant at Epcot's Garden Grill in Future Land.
When you make your resort reservations, go ahead and ask to be transferred to the dining reservation line and make your character dining plans as soon as you can.
They fill up quickly and if you wait too long, you will be stuck with no character options or really odd times.  For example, we made these reservations 3 months in advance and the only time slot for dinner was 4pm, but we made it work!
Be flexible!!!

We met farmer Mickey.

Chip and Dale...

Caleb couldn't even eat.  He was too excited about the characters walking around and which one was coming to our table next.  It was a blast.

This is his super excited face...

This is his super excited moves...


Awe- Pluto was a cuddle bug!

Mickey came TWICE! He really liked the Mickey hands.

After Epcot, we ran back to the room to take a breather, then headed out to Magic Kingdom for the special Christmas parade, lights, and fireworks at the castle.

Lorelei was OUT!  My Moby was perfect for this trip.

It was a GREAT day!
We got stuck at Magic Kingdom after the fireworks.  The amount of people is ridiculous.
My suggestion is to stay put after the fireworks for about 30-45 minutes until the crowds die down and then you won't have to wait forever to catch the monorail.
OR better yet, stay at one of the resorts with a direct monorail from Magic Kingdom...their line was non-existent.  We were so jealous.

It was a FUN day!

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Karen said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time!! I love that you had them in Disney outfits :) We didn't know that you had to book character dinners in advance when we went so we weren't able to do any of them... but now I know for next time lol. Love the Mickey hands too - does he still wear them at home?

JG said...

Wasn't Garden Grill fantastic???? :) I'm so glad you guys had such a great time! What fun memories!

JG said...

BTW, tell Caleb I'm totally jealous of his Mickey hands! I wanted to get some but didn't want to pack them ;)