Monday, December 3, 2012

Bibs and Play

Each week I have a new idea in my head of something I want to try.
This past week, Lorelei's drooling was a little absurd.  She is cutting teeth and it's a kinda crazy the amount of drool that involves.
I was tired of putting old boy bibs from her brother's stash on her, so I made a couple of my own.
Sometimes I make things and I realize how bad of an idea it is.  These bibs were actually fun!

Then, I had a good laugh later in the week when Lorelei bamboozled Caleb's Candyland game.
She stole a game piece and then tried to "run".
The more Caleb reached for the game piece, the more she held her hand out away from him.
We all ended up laughing!
Not too long and they'll be playing the game together...but for right now, it looks like Caleb has a little bandit on his hands :)

I've been enjoying some homemade caramel macchiato's this week too!
I use strong coffeee, cream (steamed or heated on the stove), caramel sauce, and whipped cream.
It's soooo good!

I've been trying to make more of an effort to spend some quality time with Caleb when Lorelei is napping.
His behavior usually reflects the amount of attention he gets during the day, and honestly, some days I am overwhelmed and I just don't take the time to spend with him that I should.
I grabbed some random supplies out of the cabinet and we made this little guy!
Unusual, but creative ;)

And drum roll please........
the best mommy fail of the week:
Christmas Zombie cookies!!!!
This is what happens when I forget sprinkles and icing.
They were still good, and yet again, we win the award for most original!
Things get scary when you forget sprinkles ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me...I should probably go get out of my pajamas and brush my teeth since it's almost lunch time!
Monday's are slow moving over here, and that's ok with us ;)


JG said...

Bahahahaha Christmas Zombie cookies! Awesome!

Aprille @ said...

I love the zombie cookies. you should make that a tradition!