Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sew For Yourself: Rain Cloud Burp Cloth

For this project you can use brand new fabric, or you can upcycle some fabric.
I used a blouse that was just waiting to be transformed into something else.  

I started by cutting out a rectangle from the back section of the blouse.

Then I cut out a piece of white fleece, the same size as the rectangle I cut for the blouse.

Placing right sides together, I sewed the fleece and blouse piece together, leaving a small section unsewn so I could turn the burp cloth right side out.

(Small Hole)

After I turned the burp cloth right side out, I hand sewed the small hole closed.

Now you should have something that looks like this:

Here comes the fun part!
Using white felt, I cut a cloud and rain drops out and pinned them onto the burp cloth.

I also added some fancy stitch work to the edges...this is totally optional.

Next, sew your raincloud and raindrops on.  
When I flip my burp cloth over, I not only have the design on the front, but it created a neat monotone design on the back.  I love these easy details!

I'm a fan of the lime and aqua fabric against the stark white.  Makes for a very unique and soft burp cloth for your little one...or the perfect gift for someone else's little one!

I love seeing your re-creations!
Please email me a picture or link to your blog if you decide to make your own burp cloth :)

This morning I am headed to my 36 week check up.
I don't remember feeling all this heaviness with Caleb.
This week, I think I may be experiencing what they call "dropping".
Suddenly my belly feels so heavy and I also feel like I've morphed back to the 1st trimester with the amount of potty trips I'm taking.  So much pressure everywhere!
I've also had contractions.  Several random ones just about every day and I definitely didn't experience that with Caleb.
I guess they are Braxton Hicks although some hurt way worse than others!
We will see what the doctor says today.
I'm getting antsy to meet this little squishy babe!


Jen said...

Super cute burp cloth! Did you use a serger to do the edges? I'm looking to get one.

Good luck at your appointment!

Jessi said...

Love it! And great use of that crazy shirt! Lol. Love that pattern but not as a shirt!

Nik said...

Awesome. I'm making some of these, and I'm definitely going to sew some cute felt patterns on them now! Thanks for the inspiration.