Friday, March 16, 2012

thirty.four. thirty.six.

34 weeks

Today, at 36 weeks

It's hard to believe I am less than a week away from being "full term"...which means I could give birth to a healthy baby very soon!  Chances are, I will be overdue by a week like I was with Caleb but I have high hopes of going into labor on my own and slightly before my due date :) 
 I hope my hope's aren't dashed!

For now, I am going to focus on spending time with my husband, my sweet little man and enjoying feeling these kicks and hiccups while I can.

I really do enjoy being pregnant but I just can't help but be anxious when I am folding teeny, adorable baby clothes. 
 I can't help but wonder, "Boy or Girl?" "What will this baby look like?" "What will Caleb's first reaction be?" and on and on and on...

My world is about to be rocked in about 4 weeks...until then, I am going to soak up every second of my life just the way it is now so that I can forever have the memories of being a family of 3 stored in my mind and heart!


♥Carlos, Elizabeth, and Addison♥ said...

You are so close! How exciting! I'm guessing you're having a girl. You're super-high!

Latoya said...

Where did you get your shirt and dress?