Monday, January 23, 2012

Sew-For-Yourself: Monogrammed Apron

Step 1: Start with a square piece of fabric.
I chose a light blue and white can use anything for this project!

Step 2: Hold it up to your "client" and get an about measurement of where to cut for the arms.  
This can be made for a child or an adult! 

Step 3:  Cut armholes as shown.

In order to get matching armholes, fold your material in half, length wise after you cut the first armhole and use that as a guideline to cut your second armhole (pictured below):

Now your material should look like this:

Step 4: Hem all edges.
I serged around the edges first and then did a 1/4" hem with my sewing machine all the way around.

 Step 5: Add elastic to neck line.
I cut a piece of narrow elastic, pinned it to each side of the top and sewed straight across.  I chose to use elastic for the neck because now my little "client" can pull it on and off easily without needing me to tie it for him.

Step 6: Add ribbon to sides of apron.
I had a roll of wide, grosgrain ribbon on hand.  I cut two equal pieces and sewed each one onto either side of the apron, right at the base of the arm cut outs.

I added some fray check to the ends of my ribbon to keep it from fraying and looking sloppy.

Step 7: Grab some felt and cut out your monogram letter.
I used black for contrast.  I free-handed the letter C, but you could print out a letter from your computer, cut it out, pin it onto the felt and cut around it if you are looking for a certain font, like a pretty cursive!

Pin the letter on and carefully stitch it onto your apron.

This is an optional step.  I used my remaining pieces that I cut from my arm holes in step 3 to make a pocket.  

Just hem around the edges.
The left is a picture of what the back of your pocket will look like and the right side is what the front will look like:

Then I sewed the sides and bottom of the pocket onto the apron, leaving the top open.

Someone loved it.

He likes to "cook" with me.  In fact, we "cooked" up some chocolate milk as soon as he got his apron on!  He thinks stirring means he's cooking something he get's to do lots of stirring :)
 Look at this kid.  He's so serious.

A little too much flour on his nose.

This apron would make a great gift too!  For birthday people of all ages :)
Easy, functional, fun and "client" approved!

Happy Monday everyone!
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Valentines Day is only THREE weeks away!!!


Danielle said...

Love the apron! So simple and so cute! Your little guy is a hoot!

LezD said...

This is sooooo cute! and so is your son! I will be making this soon for my little one! LOVE how simple it is and how clear your instructions/pics are..! And very clever to use the arm cut-outs for pockets! I'm all for waste-not lol. Thanks for sharing!

LezD said...

This apron is SOOO cute! And so is your son! I'll be making this soon for my little one! Thank you for sharing and for the clear and detailed instructions/pics! (I'm a visual learner so its perfect!).