Tuesday, January 24, 2012

twenty. eight.

Check out big brother's face..crackin' me up!

It's hard to believe I'm in the middle of WEEK 28!
I feel like it was just yesterday that I was laying in bed, sweating from nausea, trying to not use my nose to smell anything and watching a million Disney movies with Caleb...poor little guy was a trooper during those super sick-o days.

Today, the doctor said I was measuring right on track...despite my wish that he was going to tell me that I was measuring a few weeks larger proceeded by him changing up my due date to March...a girl can dream, right?

Honestly, I am enjoying being pregnant.  This week I can really tell the growth in my belly.  My pregnancy book says that I should be growing a 1/2" every week!  That means I still have 6" to go!!!
It's been such a great, healthy pregnancy.  Even though I have gained too much weight, I feel wonderful.  I am exercising and eating lots of fruits and veggies (and brownies...ooops!).
I am in much better shape this go round than I EVER was with Caleb and I am hoping that will help me out in the delivery room...only time will tell.
Just a few more weeks before we find out what our little bambino is and I am sooo excited!
Caleb will randomly come over to me and say, "Mommy, you push push push and that baby pop out?  And doctor will catch baby?"
Hahaha!  He makes us laugh so hard.  He thinks he has a baby in his belly too.  I wonder when he'll figure out he doesn't.  I don't want to break the news to him...ha!

Here are a couple of maternity fashion looks I came up with that I would love to prance around in ;-)
Maternity Fashion Casual

Topshop maternity, $32
Maternity, $195
TopShop camel shoes, £30
Crossbody bag, $160
Crystal jewelry

Maternity Fasion

Isabella oliver maternity, $89
Red Herring Maternity maternity, £27
Franco Sarto tall leather boots, $140
H M leather shoulder bag, £25
Lanvin necklace, $1,350
Chanel jewelry, €376
Acne wool scarve, €107

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