Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Christmas Art

I wanted something Christmas-y, inexpensive, simple and modern to put on my mantle this I decided to make it myself (surprise, surprise!).
 Let me just tell you, this tutorial is super easy and I have had several people over to the house tell me they think it's so cute.

Start with a blank canvas.

You'll also need some paint...I did bright, Christmas red, but gold or silver or green would also be fun!
Paint your entire canvas, including the sides.
Then you need a paint pen.  I chose white.

Next, I opened up WORD and found three fonts that I really liked. 
 I typed "ho ho ho" in those three different fonts and free-handed the font types onto my canvas...I just used it as a point of reference to help me add diverse fonts for my ho's....does that sound funny to anyone else besides me?

Tip: Make sure your canvas is completely dry before you try to use your paint pens.
I also added a little peppermint stick detail to the sides of my canvas.

 Here is the finished product at night.
Is there anything more magical than Christmas lights at night? Maybe Disney World, but that's about it.

Here it is during the day!
I had fun, it was easy and only took about an hour.

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Have you done any fun Thanksgiving or Christmas crafts lately?
Share with us!

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MrsMcDancer said...

These are some adorable ideas; I need to get crafting!