Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby check in :)

We had our BIG ultrasound today! And no, we did NOT find out if we are having a boy or girl...I am so excited to keep this one a SURPRISE (much to Seth's dismay). 
I am just so happy that our little wiggly baby is healthy.  All body parts are accounted for and everything looks just as it should! Thank you Jesus!
Here is our little wiggle worm:
So sweet.
We saw wiggle worm stretch, yawn, put hands over his/her head and stick the thumb in the mouth!
Seth is convinced it's a boy.  Caleb was the only one who watched the lower body ultrasound (Seth and I turned our heads so we couldn't see any "parts"). 
 We asked Caleb afterwards, "Was the baby a boy or girl?" He said, "A sister!" Which is REALLY funny because we weren't even aware that he knew the word, "sister".

On another fun note, don't you just LOVE Pinterest???
I found this cute idea on there this weekend and decided to surprise Caleb with his very own Mr. Potato Head felt board play set. 
 He thought it was so funny.  It was super simple...I free handed cutting the shapes and accessories out of cheap felt from the craft store and this is what I ended up with!

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday! Seth's four day is over :( So sad...but on Friday we head back to Virginia for Thanksgiving and I am so excited...maybe a little more excited about eating all that good food than I should be :-/ Haha!

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Sarah said...

So,so cute!! I love ultrasound pictures! I don't want to find out the gender when I'm pregnant either. :)