Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BIG 2

Caleb's big 2 year old birthday was on Friday.  We took him to the Georgia Aquarium on Friday and had a small, impromptu birthday brunch on Saturday morning.  It was so much fun and I can't believe my little baby is 2!

Caleb and his buddy "Tway" (Trey)

The yummy donut cake guarded by Woody (which Caleb calls "Buddy") and Slinky dog.  My kid is a Toy Story-a-holic

Caleb's other buddy Bo...this was Calebs big birthday present...a roller coaster!

Closing his eyes!

LOVED the fish at the Georgia Aquarium...he was pointing and "wow" ing all day!

2 year old + Georgia Aquarium=

 My parents (KK and Cack Cack) completely surprised us.  We were headed to Atlanta and about 45 minutes before we got there, they called to say that they had driven from Virginia to spend Caleb's birthday with him.  Caleb was so excited when he saw them!

I LOVE my big little man...this has been an amazing 2 years with him :)


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb! He's such a cutie! Great pictures!

JG said...

What a fun day! I remember when my brother was going through Toy Story phase...back when the first one came out! :) He had both Woody AND Buzz costumes! It's a rite of passage for little boys. :) You have such a handsome little man!!

Goodnight moon said...

So sweet!!!! Happy Happy 2nd Birthday! I loved all the pictures and the donut birthday cake is awesome! What a great idea. It looks like you all had a wonderful day celebrating!

April said...

Looks like Caleb had a great birthday! I love the pics of him w/ your parents, they're so sweet! Oh and I love your cake stand! Perfect color =)

One Creative Momma said...

Caleb is really lucky to have a family that loves him so much. Glad you had fun at the aquarium!


Michelle A'etonu said...

you guys are a gorgeous family! what a great idea...a brunch party! my daughter turns one this year and i'm trying to find ideas!