Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Day Friday

I love perusing cute blogs and reading about other peoples lives but as much as I love doing that I equally find it super frustrating when I am reading someone's blog and I can't find a face to put with a name.  Putting a face with your blog is so important.  I believe it helps people to connect with you and to better understand your blogging stories.  I have noticed that lots of mom bloggers will have a zillion pictures of their kids but none of themselves posted!  This series that I will be trying to do most every Friday will be a link up party for all the bloggers out there who are hiding behind their words, their kids pictures, their pets pictures or pictures of their house!  We want to see YOU!!!  The guidelines are a picture/s of yourself on your blog and link up to my party so we can all see your pretty face!  This is your time to shine :)  It doesn't have to be a glamour shot (even though I would love to see a glamour shot of you!).  It can be funny or serious.  It can even be an old picture.  One from when you were little or from the 1990's when you had permed bangs.  It really doesn't matter so long as it's you, front and center and if you feel like it, tell us the story behind the picture, even if it's as simple as "I was headed to the grocery store and my sister snapped this picture of me".  I will start it off today so that gives you guys time to get your post ready for tomorrow.  Here goes:
This is from the first week in October of this year.  I had just had my hair dyed red on Friday and this was Sunday morning in the car before I left for church.  I was trying to see just how red my hair was...and it was red!

Now it's your turn!  Just click on the "add your link" button.  The party will be open from today until Sunday night :) HAVE FUN!!!


Annie said...

you have beautiful hair!! found you on the mili spouse blog hop :)

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

cute idea! i discovered that when you're the family shutter bug, you're rarely seen in all the photos. stopping by from the military hop - love your fresh blog design!

Sarita said...

Oh shoot! I wanted to link up! But I'm late :-( Great way to give fellow bloggers and new readers to "meet" each other!