Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tick Tock Plate Clocks

Okay yall.  This project is something that I have been studying and researching for a little while in several months, but I was too skeered to try it out.  I love fancy plates and I decided to be brave and pull out the power tools!  Here is what I ended up with.
Plate clocks!  
I spent the last two afternoons working the kinks out and I have my final product.

This one is going to a friend who is getting married.  It is the first letter of their last name.

I couldn't forget about my mustache's

Black and White Contemporary Style

A taste of Europe

 Traditional Laura Ashley style

All of the above can be found in my shop!

AND guess what???? Tomorrow if FRIDAY!!! I am going to do "My Day Friday" again so get your pictures ready!!!


JG said...

So cool!! I was wondering what all the talk of power tools was about. I love it!

Domestic Blonde said...

These are beautiful! Love the damask one!

Wife, Mama, Teacher said...

You are so creative! I love them!!!

Consider The Lilies said...

I'm SUPER in love with all of these and I just might have to purchase one at some point :)

new follower!