Monday, April 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Prep-P

Caleb and I wore our seersucker pants to church yesterday and I had to take a picture.  

Caleb got so many comments on how cute he was.  I think he looked like a little preppy man.
He had a short sleeve oxford shirt on with blue and white striped seersucker pants, and argyle sweater vest and a cute belt and loafers.  I don't think it could have gotten any more preppy.

Now I will tell you the best part.
Caleb's outfit was Izod that I got at a consignment sale for $7.  I paid $2 for the Circo brand loafers at a different consignment sale (At Target, those would have cost $12.50).  His super cute outfit that was originally $40+ was only $9.  I love consignment sales.

Then there is my outfit.

Everytime I wear these seersucker pants, at least one person tells me they like them.  Guess where I bought them?  At Walmart!  I bought them in a small Walmart in Corpus Christie Tx the summer before I had Caleb. I think I paid $9 for them.  My white t-shirt was $5 at Old Navy and my short sleeve cardigan is a brand new Anne Taylor loft that I got at Goodwill for $3.99.  Our Goodwill here is like a department store.  Everything is organized, color coded and I am always finding new stuff there.  Some people think that only "poor" people should shop at Goodwill, but the whole purpose of Goodwill is providing jobs to people who wouldn't otherwise have a job.  A lot of them have special needs and without Goodwill, they would not be able to work. So, go shop at Goodwill everyone!  Don't feel bad, you are NOT stealing from the poor.  Goodwill would love to have everyone come in and buy from them so they can provide even more jobs to people!
Back to the outfit.  So for $17.99- I have a preppy outifit that should have cost me a lot more.  My pearls on the other hand were a gift from my sweet husband.  He bought me the Mikimoto earrings when we were dating and then he surprised me last Christmas with the matching necklace.  Pearls are something you just can't scrimp on!

All of this to say, you don't have to spend a lot of money on clothes!  AND being environmentally friendly does not just mean recycling and switching out your light bulbs.  A huge way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to buy second hand clothes and second hand doesn't mean old and worn out :)

Now, I am off to take Caleb to the library for storytime.  I have felt bad lately because I have been dragging him around, trying to get caught up on my etsy orders.  I skipped aerobics today so I could take him to have fun.  I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Monday everyone!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You BOTH look adorable! I love finding cute stuff for my house at Goodwill or Salvation Army. I usually have to spray paint or "fluff" things, but I like finding a bargain. :)

Anonymous said...

He looked adorable! I buy almost all of Benjamin & Jacob's clothes (2 months and 5 years) second hand from garage sales or thrift stores, consignment shops, that kinda thing... For how fast they grow it's not worth paying a bunch of money for their clothes! A lot of my clothes come that way too! I don't mind paying $5 for something someone else paid $100 for! ;) You guys are too cute!

Jessica said...

I LOVE both of those outfits!!! I dont think Caleb could have gotten any cuter!

jen said...

He looks darling! And I do love your pants. lol.

Amanda Nicole said...

You always look so sophisticated and classy! I love your outfit, and Caleb's look is too cute!

JG said...

You make a cute couple ;) Everyone keeps telling me to go to Goodwill. There's a huge one near my house I've just never made it there.

Stephanie said...

Love the outfits!! Don't you just LOVE consignment sales ;)

Tammy said...

Your son looks adorable in his outfit. So cute!
Where I grew up in GA, the town is so small there isn't a Goodwill. The first one I went to one was when I was at college in VA. My friend at the time (now my husband) dragged me in and I was hooked. Now, where we are in Alaska we do not have a Goodwill. I wish we did!

erin said...

We were stationed in Corpus Christi (actually Ingleside, but I finished my degree at TAMUCC). Sounds like your Goodwill is a gem. Ours not so much, but we have an awesome strip mall of thrift stores that I go to all the time. I love thrifting!

Anonymous said...

Your little man is so cute, I love his outfit! And, I am so jealous of your beautiful figure, you look great after having a baby - me, not so great, 6 months out and still a ways to go. In time, in time.

Love your blog, found it via the "house story".

Mindy said...

Goodwill is the best. We have two pretty good ones here in the Fort Campbell area, and a third that's breaking ground for a new facility. While I'd love to just write a HUGE check to charity every month, our military family budget won't allow for it. But I can shop at Goodwill, and know my money for everyday clothing and household needs is going to help others.

You're adorable, and I love following your blog. Keep up the good work!