Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Birthday and Giveaways!

This is the most unique giveaway I will probably ever have!  It is so cool, I really wish I could win it.  It is a fake spilled Starbucks coffee!  Over at FakeFoodDecor, there are tons of really neat fake food and spilled items.  Great for a joke, a prop or just an interesting decor piece on your table!  

To enter, simply leave me a comment telling us a time when you or someone else in your family spilled something.  I will start.  When Seth was in college, he worked at a Japanese restaurant.  He was the only caucasion that worked there and all the ladies that worked there called him "Sessy Seth".  For a long time Seth didn't understand what they were saying and then one day someone explained what they were saying to him...they were calling him "Sexy Seth"- hahahahahaha, okay I am getting side tracked.  He was a waitor and a terrible one at that (at least that's what he says).  One day he spilled an entire cup of water on a lady's head!  Not her dress or lap, but her head!!!  I think I agree with him on the "bad waiter" thought.
Now it's your turn :)

For additional entries:
1.Visit FakeFoodDecor and tell us your favorite item.
2.Become a follower of  my blog.
Be sure and leave seperate entries for each.

Also...today is my mama's birthday!!!  Happy Birthday mama, KK, mammy, grandma, and any other name you are called (the good ones at least, haha)  We love you!!!
My mama and Caleb when he was 2 weeks old

My mama holding me at the hospital with my older sister, Donna.

Last but not least, today I am hosting a giveaway over at www.thetuckerstaketennessee.com.  Go take a peek!


Anonymous said...

I love the babyfood ones! :)

Anonymous said...

I was once in a Mexican restaurant on a date... The guy said something really offensive so I jumped up to leave... Hitting a passing waiter and causing enchiladas to fall in the guys lap! (He never talked to me again, but oh well! ;) )
The worst thing I've done on my own was spilling red wine on my mom one night when she was in a light beige dress... That dress still has a purple stain on it! :(

Anonymous said...

I am a follower of your blog! :)

Kathy said...

That's not a baby in her arms...that's a toddler!

Sarita said...

I'm a follower :-)

Sarita said...

My favorite is the spilled starbucks!

Sarita said...

Sophomore year we moved from Pittsburgh to small town, NC. I had never really eaten in a school cafeteria, but my first day at the new school that's what I did. I was in such a confused state, I got Hawaiian Punch as a drink! Ew, I hate that stuff. As I sat at a table by myself, well with some other lonelies, I knocked over my RED HAWAIIAN PUNCH all over the table. Luckily I had already drank MOST of it. For some reason I thought the best way to "hide" the spill was by setting my books right on top of the mess. lol. I thought it was hilarious then, and I still think it is. Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see what that looked like!