Friday, April 16, 2010

I had a mommy day

Since I have gotten home from Virginia I have felt so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.  I have been back for 3 days and have barely scratched the surface of my "to-do" list.  This week I could really use my husband back.  I love my Caleb, do not get me wrong, but he is getting really mobile and he is interested in anything new.  When I was outside trying to plants my plants, he kept taking my shovel.  He also kept sticking his hand in the bag of potting soil and throwing it.  He even tried sticking some in his mouth and quickly starting spitting it out, which ended up in both of us laughing.  Then I was trying to put a bookcase together, but he was determined to put every screwdriver in his mouth, no matter how many times I said no.  He was scared of the vacuum when I was vacuuming the floor, but I can not get around this one.  If I vacuum while he's sleeping, he will wake up- but if I vacuum while he is awake, he is scared, so I just have to vacuum quick!  Honestly, I am 99% sure that he is teething because he is extra grumpy and trying to chew on everything.  He just happens to be teething on a week that I have sales to catch up on, craft projects that need to be done, and a house that needs to be cleaned.  I love my little man, I really really do and most days I love his curiosity and his sense of adventure.  But today, I just needed my husband to play with him for a couple of hours so I could cross off a few of my "to-do's".  Our day ended fun though.  We took a trip to Sonic and split an Oreo Blast.  He took the spoon from my hand and attempted to feed himself- he was pretty good at it too and he even fed me.  On the way home, I looked back at my cute little sweetie bear in my rear view mirror and I was overwhelmed by how fast he is growing- then I reminded myself that in 17 years I will not remember how clean my house was or how many cute crafts I made but I am going to remember the time I spent with him and all the fun things we did together.  So I will try my very best to enjoy each moment with him and love him the best I can!

Anyone else ever have overwhelming mommy days?

On another note, I found a message in my etsy box today saying that I was featured in an online magazine!  Here is the link- look for my "La Moustache" print :)  

And now, my eyelids are blinking really slowly...which means I am off to bed!


JG said...

Don't worry, we know you love him. :) I'm sorry, I know it's hard having to do it all yourself. But you are doing great. I think an Oreo blast is totally warranted. :) Pamper yourself, honey. You deserve it.

Aimee Mayer said...

love this post and fully relate... do what has to be done, and let the rest wait for a day when you have the free time without the baby boy. at least, that's what everyone keeps telling me!

erin said...

I think every mommy has had one of those days. One of those days that you just pray the little ones that adore you don't see your short answers and your anxious need to accomplish. Sorry you have to do it all yourself right now. You are a great momma!