Thursday, October 15, 2009

We like the door view

Caleb asked if we could have a self-portrait session at our back door today. I happily obliged ;)

Okay- so maybe Caleb didn't ask, maybe I am being a little vain today and wanting to show off my vintage yellow earrings, red lips and side bun...and my cutest accessory? Why Mr. Caleb Easton, of course. He complimented my outfit quite well. Okay, maybe he stole the show.

In other news at the Wade household, apparently our townhome has a bi-annual inspection. Which I would beg to say is only an annual inspection since we have been here a year and this was the first I have heard of it. Anyways, our bedroom has been deemed a disaster area. We are devoting Saturday morning to cleaning it as a joint body. It is really that bad...and the inspector saw it! Embarrassing... but I can't pretend like it is usually spotless, it just happened to be extra bad today.

The evening is ending wonderfully though. I made homemade mac and cheese because my beau happens to love this dish... and there is an oreo pie awaiting in the fridge. I surprised him with his favorite food and boy was he excited :)

Mr. Caleb is cutting his first tooth! He is needy, wanting to be held and nursed constantly and running a temperature, and boy was his diaper extra strange and scary today. Poor little man :( Right now he is wanting my help to ride his rocking lion though, so I must go. But, tomorrow is Friday. Oh how I love a good weekend!


Kristen & Cliff said...

Great post!

JG said...

Fun pictures! Those are adorable earrings!

Tracey said...

lovely photos! Thanks for coming by by blog :)

aubrey said...

Hi from another army wife;) Cute pics! Love the earrings!

aubrey said...

Hee hee...I play my music all the time! We are newly stationed at Ft Drum, NY. We've been warned about the winters here...I guess we'll find out soon enough. Thanks for checking out my blog. God bless~aubrey