Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Face Time

After being told by the lady in line behind me that I should, I entered Caleb into the annual Gap kids contest. She told me that her sister entered her nephew but that he had a big head. She then went on to say that Caleb had a perfect head, and therefore I should enter him. Her story was funny to me...and the sound of $1,000 of free Gap clothing for Caleb was well worth my time to enter him. They wanted close ups of the face so these are the pictures I sent in:


JG said...

Adorable! And that's a totally random way to tell someone to enter a contest - "He has a good sized head." Weird. But then I remember how offended my cousin got when people mentioned her baby's largely disproportional head.


caleb is so cute! I want to squeeze his cheeks he better win!