Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today To do

My today's to do:
1. Go to Post office
2. Grocery Store
3. Thrift Store
4. Put Caleb down for nap
5. Fix peacock pillow
6. Make 2 custom order teamugs
7. Work on Sweater Pants
8. Feed and Play with Caleb
9. Sort and start on laundry
10. Clean bedroom
11. List on etsy
12. Make dinner
13. Clean up dinner (lucky for me, my hub's is great at helping me get dinner on and off the table :))
14. Do some more laundry (Hubs is pretty good at helping with this one too!)
15. Eat some Breyer's ice cream :-)
*Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I am supposed to exercise!?! :-0

Anyone ever feel like they might not get their entire to-do list done? I am afraid that mine may never get started! I think I can... I think I can... I think I can....


JG said...

Hey, at least you've got a list - you're way ahead of me!!

Amanda Nicole said...

The hardest part is actually getting started! That is what I am avoiding right now :)


I know you can do it! :0)