Saturday, October 17, 2009

Read Me

Okay, my title has nothing to do with the actual topic of this post, I just wanted to see how many of you would "read me" (mean, right?)

Currently- Caleb is refusing to nap.  At this very moment he is screaming upstairs.  I know I should go get him, right?  But really, he NEEDS this nap that he is refusing to take.  When I bring him downstairs he is fussy and unhappy, why?  Because he needs a nap and is refusing to take one...I mean refusing!!!

Currently again- Seth is out of the house via football game until 2:30pm.  I (surprisingly) have been very motivated.  I finally switched out my summer clothes, replacing them with two years ago's winter clothes (because last years are all maternity).  I have re-evaluated my clothing situation and decided that I truly want to take all the clothes that I just brought downstairs and give them to the Goodwill.  They just don't fit- or they look like teenie bopper clothing.  But, alas, my budget requires that I push through and make use of these old long sleeves until I can win the lottery, which may be very difficult considering that I don't even play the lottery.

Currently again again- I give up- Caleb has been crying for way too long and is still going strong.  Today, he will not learn to take a nap on his own.  Maybe tomorrow- yeah right.

Conclusion-  I will leave you with our fall family picture.  This was taken last Saturday when we went to the Bardstown Arts and Crafts Festival, where we bought local honey.

Remember- Tomorrow I will be choosing the giveaway winner, so don't forget to leave a comment!!!


JG said...

I feel the same way about my clothes. I think I have 3 "pretty" shirts and about 2 dozen t-shirts. 1 skirt. I need a closet makeover.

TRush said...

Sorry about the clothes. I had 3 babies in 3 years so I was super happy to give away all of my maternity stuff!

Have you tried reading Babywise by Gary Ezzo? It helped me get all of my kids sleeping through the night and on great nap schedules.

Mommy and Constance said...

you guys are such a BEAUTIFUL family!!