Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Ready for Some Pictures!

I realized that I was behind on posting our pictures, so here goes!

Seth's Promotion Ceremony at Fort Knox

I caught Seth cleaning the tub... in style too I might add!

Caleb's first trip to the Park :)

I am pretty sure we had fun!
Beep Beep

I will announce the winner of the cards when we get back from church!  Hurry and enter!!!


Miles Makes 3! said...

Kathlyn- does Wade's job involve helicopters? just curious. Brad was behind me when looking at your blog and said "oh he must either be a pilot or ride in helicopters." I think it's funny how a Marine and look at a soldier and tell that.

MG said...

Congrats on the promotion!

LeliaMae said...

How many "scrubbies" hangin' in the "tubby" does it take to get the dirt off of a Wade?
I'm jus' sayin'...