Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aye yai yai

Wow! Today was so hot!!! I have my air set on 78 degrees (which is what the electric company recommended) and it is at 77 right now. My tile floor is warm enough to walk on barefoot which hasn't happened since I got here. My little Caleb has slept in short sleeved onesies with no pants the last two nights. I am wondering if he will wear his sleepers at all anymore until fall comes around again. I do love to squish those little chubby legs though :)
This morning we met my friend Lori and her little girl at the coffee shop and then went to the track. I was so glad to have an exercise partner! Lori is a fun one too. We talked the whole time so it didn't even seem like we were there as long as we were. We decided it was time to call it quits though when Lori's one year old daughter almost fell off her little car wagon because she was falling asleep (so cute):) Caleb sat in my pouch and took him a little nippy nap. Then we came home and he went down for a nap at 1:30 then I decided to take a nap with him. He slept from 1:30-5:30!!! He must have been completely exhausted from being out and about all day yesterday. I really love this weather and I can't wait until the waterpark on post opens!!! I won't go to the tanning bed anymore because I am afraid of skin cancer (plus, it makes me itch so bad I want to cry!) but I don't mind a few minutes of the real sun here and there (sounds retarded, I know). Okay, well I am thinking about going to bed, I hope I can since I took a good nap today! Tomorrow will be Caleb's last day of going to church with me. When we come back from Virginia (sister's wedding) he is going to the nursery for the first time. My little monkey is growing up!

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