Monday, April 27, 2009

Potty training at 2 months

In my dreams! But did I get ya there for a second? I just have to share my little story with ya. At 4am, Caleb woke up, not because he was hungry but because he had peed through his diaper and wet himself and his bed, and I mean the poor little fellow was drenched! I changed him, put new jammies on and fed him and tucked him in. 7am comes and he is ready to eat again. I put him in the bed with me, feed him, then he wants to lay there and smile and laugh and play for a while. That was until he decided to do a little poo poo, or so I thought. I went to go move him a little so that I wouldn't have a mess on my hands, but too late. He had messed all the way up his back and onto the sheets. I put him on his changing table, take his diaper off and before I can grab something to help me out, he pee pee's all over the place. At this point I am pretty much like whatever. I get him all cleaned up, and I decide he should have a bath. So I leave me little naked baby waiting for me while I ran and threw the dirty clothes in the wash (granted I literally threw them in, I didn't even start the machine!) I ran back to find that mister Caleb had pee pee'd again and this time is was puddled underneath him, all over his hair and everything else. What a mess. I picked him up and put him in the tub. After his bath, of which he thoroughly enjoyed, I laid him on his towel. Little clean Caleb, all cozy in his bath towel. Until. . . he poops again!!! All over not one, but two towels!!! Wow! My morning was spent cleaning up number one and number 2. How about yours? I spared you the pictures on this one. I think it is pretty disgusting to post poo poo pictures of your baby. One day Caleb will thank me for being so thoughtful :)


Lisa and Josh said...

LOL! Welcome to mommyhood! :-)

The Wades said...

Yes!! Now you have the FULL EXPERIENCE of being a mommy! hahahahahaha, love ya Kathlyn!

Newmans Wildcats said...

There will be many more mornings, days and evenings like that! Welcome to world of Motherhood!