Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am in a picture mood!

Please notice in this picture poor little Cameron trying to get her pacifier. I was looking through these beach pictures and I came across this one. I thought, "What is she trying to do?" and then I saw her pacie in my hand and her mouth going for it. Poor little thing.

Then I see this one,and I think, "What is Cammy doing here?" (If you can't see Cammy, please look carefully behind us!) Isn't this funny?

My favorite because it is so serious and stupid at the same time. It probably would have been a pretty artistic/serious kind of picture, but Seth having a boxwood wreath on his head is kinda ruining the mood.

These are some out takes of an old Christmas picture. We finally did get one that worked, but I love looking at these. They show our personalities perfectly. I am all the way to the left, my brother Seth is in the middle and my older sister Donna is on the right.

Here is another one. We were being so goofy. I think maybe here Donna and I were getting annoyed with Seth, which is pretty normal. But actually, Seth and I are usually the ones who get on Donna's nerves. She is the most serious of all three of us. We loosen her up every now and then :)And I am sure she appreciates me putting this wonderful picture of her up here. I am not really sure of this face she is making, it isn't one of her typical faces.

When my mom sent me the pictures of Cammy opening up her silly glasses, she said "I guess Cammy doesn't remember how scared she was of these glasses last year." I didn't remember Cammy being scared of them and then I came across this picture today. So funny, and the poor thing was definitely scared of Seth in his glasses!


Anonymous said...

I remember the Christmas picture day. I was the one taking the pictures and I was ready to wring Yall's necks. Finally got a great one though. Cam still luvs the pacy when she can sneak it.

Newmans Wildcats said...

How is your brother doing? They are great photos and I love the first one of you three w/ the wreath! Kat you are such a beautiful person (inside & out)!