Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Big Day!!!

No, not the big baby day, the big graduation day!!! Yesterday Seth finally graduated from his third and final stage of basic officer leaders courses!!! I don't know who was more excited, me or him. Now I have to brag for just a minute because I am allowed. He not only graduated but he graduated the very first in his class, which includes his classroom scores as well as field training scores (and whatever other scores they have!), and he won the leadership award for his entire class! I am so proud of him. I remember last year around this time when he left for basic training. The job he had before he entered the army was terrible and every day he came home talking about how he felt like he was just wasting his time because his job was not challenging and he was treated like he was some kind of slave. I am just so happy that now, a year later, he is finally doing what he loves to do and he is really good at it. Seth has always been a hard worker and an overachiever. He always has gotten good grades and I had no doubt that he would be a great soldier, but now not only do I know that he is a great soldier, but everyone else does too! I am just so proud of all his hard work and days where he got little or no sleep and months withought one weekend off, not even a Sunday and times where he would come home from working all day and have to spend until midnite writing an op order and wake up again to make it to 5:30am PT, and the list could go on and on an on. The most amazing part is that while he was off winning the best soldier award, he somehow managed to keep his pregnant wife happy, does it get any better than that??? Even though there are a lot of times when he can't be home and there are many more days to come where he will be gone, I realize on days like yesterday that it is always worth it. My husband rocks!!! Okay, I am done bragging. . .for now ;)

Here is the plaque he got, plus he was also given two coins, one from the colonel and one from someone I can't remember.

Gotta remember that the baby was there!

We went to Louisville later to celebrate!

This was the night of his formal. I couldn't go to it because it was a dining in, which means just for the guys! Even though I really wanted to go, they had a really great time just being with the guys and having fun.


Robin said...

Congrats to Seth! You have every right to Brag. He did awsome and deserves the recognition. Brag away girl! Let him and the whole world know how proud of him you are.

Hannah said...

I am so proud of my big brother! You two as a couple are amazing!! I am so happy that you guys are doing so well. I am also proud of you Kathlyn for making it through AND being pregnant at the same time. It isnt easy being an Officers wife. But you have managed to be pregnant, enjoy yourself with crafts here and there, and complete some course work for your masters!! So you both deserve a pat on the back for making it through y'alls first year and then some doing so well!

THE WADE'S said...

Yeah for Seth! Tell him we said congrats! We are really proud of him!
I agree with Hannah's comment, you did awesome too, Kathlyn! You both should be proud!

Richard Hull said...

Tell Mr. Seth congratulations. It is refreshing to see that kind of character in this day and age, especially from those who are willing to protect us. It is very appropiate that you are proud of him.

But I am sure he is proud of you, as well. You, obviously, are a great cheerleader and wife for him and that is as it should be.

May the Lord richly bless the three of you and put a hedge of protection around you.


Kristen & Cliff said...


Lisa and Josh said...

Yay! Congrats to both of you! I am with have every right to brag! I hear you are staying here for a while? Is that true? If so, awesome!! We can get together more! Does that mean baby Wade will be born here?

Newmans Wildcats said...

Way to go Seth!! Mike and I are very excited about you and Kat. You two are gonna do great things in the U.S. Army!