Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Surprise!

Last week I sent Cammy a Halloween package in the mail. These are the pictures my mom sent to me.

It looks like everyone had just woke up! This is Cammy and Cack Cack (my dad)

Here are the funny face glasses that were in the package, plus foam halloween stickers and yucky booger candy! Ewe!!!

She is saying "I (eye) heart Kathlyn!"

Cammy and KK. KK's morning face is pretty funny! (KK= my mom)

Cammy also decided to make the envelope part of the gift. Haha! Empty refrigerator boxes and now apparently empty bubble envelopes are little kids favorite toys!

Okay and here are pictures of my Mom, aunt and grandma (nanny) trying to take a good picture, which appears to have been an event.

Susu was laughing I guess. I really don't know what she was doing!

Nanny closed her eyes. . .

Finally! Everyone is as normal as they can pretend to be!


Hannah said...

Thanks for the awesome Ideas...I really like the bumble be one!! The grapes too but I would feel overly grapely if I wear that lol....So I think the bumbe bee might win!! Ill let ya know though!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Such a beautiful looking family!

Anonymous said...
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