Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear Cammy

These are my favorite :)

You were so little Cammy, when did you grow up?

Here you are, trying to get away from Seth :) Or maybe Seth is a good catcher!

Here are your favorites Cammy

Yesterday I received this sweet little e-mail from my Cammy (with a little help from my mom). I decided I would write her back on here so I could add some special pictures :)

Dear Kathlyn,
euiweu9fqipwvrhyuwgkgdi love youpifgpogfigbivbgycz b i love you please come here tome]0]
]54]t' rh 75u59t8e r48t4oii love you come to me to please come to me. and get the baby out of your tummy to me.';[l[ii love you to come back. love camy

Dear Cammy,
I got your e-mail you sent me. Thanks for saying "I love you" and helping me feel better. I promise that as soon as the baby comes out, you can hold him :) He is already kicking, trying to tell us he won't be in there too much longer! Since I don't have any stickers this week to send you so you can stick them on Cack Cack's nose and KK's bottom, I decided to send you some of your favorite pictures!!! Tell me if you like them!

P.S. I love you and want to come home to you too!


EngineerHousehold6 said...

Aww, That's so cute!

Newmans Wildcats said...


Lisa and Josh said...

Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ddrf76vdfkhhhhthank you for me.
ugf7tyuyfhhjjrfhki love you to baby to come to me.

uthihjjkgktgjgjgggggggggggggggi want you to come here.
ghhy4ert4i like Cinderella.
trgg hSleeping beautykggu.Belle.
I told Donna today my teacher's name is Miss America.
Love, Camy