Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kathlyn Kathlyn Bo Bathlyn Banana Wanna fo Fathlyn

Top 10 Names for 2007 Rank
Male names
1 Jacob
2 Michael
3 Ethan
4 Joshua
5 Daniel
6 Christopher
7 Anthony
8 William
9 Matthew
10 Andrew

Female names
1 Emily
2 Isabella
3 Emma
4 Ava
5 Madison
6 Sophia
7 Olivia
8 Abigail
9 Hannah
10 Elizabeth

Popularity in 1967 Rank
Male names
1 Michael
2 David
3 James
4 John
5 Robert
6 William
7 Mark
8 Richard
9 Christopher
10 Brian

Female names
1 Lisa
2 Kimberly
3 Michelle
4 Mary
5 Susan
6 Karen
7 Angela
8 Tammy
9 Melissa
10 Jennifer

I think names are so interesting. In college I used to go get the baby name book and sit in Barnes and Noble and read the meaning of names. I wasn't even thinking of baby names, I would just sit there and look up peoples names I knew just to see what they meant. This website has a list of the most popular baby names every year from 1879 until today. You can also put your own name in to see what years it was popular. Pretty cool huh?


THE WADE'S said...

Names and their meanings are so funny. We named our girls and didn't find out the meanings until long after they were born. Dianna's name means divine, graceful, and pure and purity. Maddy's name means high tower and victory. It is so funny how they reflect their personalities and temperments...and we didn't even realize it!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Steven is one of my favorite male names. Its Erich's middle name. But according to the Social Security he is Erich Dteven.

Lisa and Josh said...

Any names picked out for baby boy Wade yet?