Friday, October 12, 2012

3 months and 5 months and Politics

This is what happens when you have 2 miss out on some of the monthly pictures!
Wish I could go back and do them but the time has passed me by.
The 3 and 5 month ones are cute enough to make up for it though...I love my pretty baby!

Anddddd she's done! :)

Speaking of babies, I can not, in good conscious, go through this political season without posting what I strongly believe in.

As a military wife and a mother of 2 children who are the future of our country,  and as an American, it is my duty to do my best to inform myself of the facts and to vote for the very best candidate.

For any of you who know me or have followed my blog for any length of time, my choice will come as no surprise.

Some keys facts:
1.  A country who gives the government more power than it should has historically been a country who fails and whose citizens suffer.
2.  Rich people are the one's who give middle class and lower class people JOBS.  If we force the rich to pay more of a percent than the rest of us, this country will be in BIG trouble because there will be fewer employers able to afford to hire new employee's.  It's common sense that the more jobs that are created, the more people who are able to have jobs, and therefore more taxes are being paid.  Catching my drift?
Also, let's just say that you were able to move your way from lower class to middle class and then to upper class.  Would you want to be punished for your hard work and success by having to pay more than everyone else to the government?  It's just kindergarten basics we are talking about here.  Fairness, equality, and not fearing that your hard earned money will be taken from you to give to someone who is sitting on their rear, collecting unemployment because they are too lazy to go get a job.  Temporary unemployment is understandable.  People who are collecting unemployment and at the same time are getting up every day and working all day to find a job, those people I can respect.  The rest of them deserve ZERO from the rest of American's who work hard to earn their money.

3.  This is a good point for all my military friends.
Everyone praises Obama for bringing our troops home...but have you stopped to think about what happens to all of them when they get back home?  Well, I will tell you.  Our military is cutting back BIG time!  That means Obama is "nice" enough to bring our troops home and then he procedes to fire them.  Guess what Romney wants to do?  Romney also has no issue with bringing our troops back home.  However, he wants to leave on the right foot.  He doesn't want to leave with the attitude of "we are tired, we give up so we are leaving".  He wants to leave with the attitude of, "We came, we accomplished our task, and we conquered...adios!"
Romney's plan is also to bring our troops back, keep them, and get them better.
This year alone, our military has lost more men and women due to suicide than we have in war.
What a staggering fact.
Our military need help emotionally and physically.
They need a chance to work through their PTSD, to be counseled and encouraged so we can bring the suicide rate down and get our military forces healthy and strong.  And that my friends is what Romney's plan is.  So if you are military and you are well informed, you will vote Romney!

4. This issue is the most important to me.  But strange enough, I keep having people tell me it isn't one of the "real" issues, and to that I ask them, "What is more of an issue than murder?"  As of today, I haven't had one person answer me, even though I begged for a list of the "real" issues.
That's right, I am talking about abortion.
People who are pro-choice are SELFISH people.  I can guarantee that if they were the baby getting ready to be murdered, they would change their minds pretty quickly.  But what do they care?  They are here on earth, living and breathing, so who cares about the baby, right???  I'm so sick of the selfish, irresponsible attitude's.  Women don't deserve the right to choose to murder their children.  What women need to do is suck it up and take responsibility for their actions.  Adoption is ALWAYS a great alternative.  Obama not only supports early term abortion, he believes in and supports the absolute worst and gruesome forms of abortion.  This blog post very clearly tells you what Obama supports and gives details on the types of procedure that is going on every day here in our country.  Something HAS to be done about it!!!  If you vote for Romney for no other reason, this issue is more than enough.
Our female ancestors did NOT fight for our rights as women to choose to murder our own children.  I wish I could bring Susan B. Anthony back right now.  I am positive she would throw up to think that everything she fought for was being taken advantage of.
Here is the blog's graphic.
And here is a video we all need to take the time to watch, especially if you are pro-choice or on the fence.
If I sound harsh, it's because this issue can NOT be sugar coated.  
I will not sit back and pretend to be neutral just so I won't offend someone.
If I lose all my followers because of this post, I will have lost each one proudly because standing up for the right thing is worth standing alone.
I encourage all of you to stand firm and strong and not be afraid of losing the popularity contest.
These babies need OUR help.  If you have any bit of compassion, please vote for Romney. 
 Paul Ryan addressed abortion last night in the debate, and they will be doing everything they can to put a stop to it if elected!

So, there's my political post for ya!  I realize I will probably be getting some interesting responses, but I am good with that. 
Send them my way!

Also, if you are military and haven't sent in your absentee ballot, is a GREAT website to use.  It's simple and you still have time if you do it soon!
 Happy Friday!


Wife, Mama, Teacher said...

First off, your little Lorelei is gorgeous!!! Secondly, I could not agree with you more about your views on abortion. It is what it is-MURDER. Some people want to sugar-coat it to make themselves or others feel better about their decisions, and it sickens me. To look at my babies, who we prayed for and were so very thankful to be blessed with, and know that someone could willingly kill their own babies in the name of a "better" life for themselves, makes me physically ill. You will always have at least 1 follower here, and I would truly be so grateful to raise a daughter that stands for her beliefs and her God like you do :). Your parents, your husband, and your children are so blessed to have such a godly daughter, wife, and mother!

Springmeadows4me said...

Well said!! Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. I am not going to go into a big rant about it because you pretty much said it all for me. Thank you for posting!