Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Went Dress Shopping

I have a big Rodan+Fields event to go to tomorrow evening.
I haven't had any need for cute work clothes since 2008, so I have been very excited to get back into the swing of things a little bit.
I decided to go dress shopping...two kids in tow of course.
Here were my try on's.
Is it just me or are dresses getting shorter???
OR maybe I am just getting taller.  

I'm sure that's it.

This one was my favorite, but it was wayyy too short to wear by itself, and I really wanted a dress to wear.

 This one made me laugh out loud.  It looked so classy on the hanger.
Somehow, between the hanger and putting it on myself, it turned into a hooker costume.
It was so tight I could hardly breathe and so short I could hardly move!

This one was comfortable but had a funny fit.  And yes, that is my baby on the floor.  We had a little diaper changing session in the dressing room so I decided to lay the blanket in the floor and let her stretch out.  No worries, the blanket is being washed and no babies were hurt :)

I have a thing for animal print and this one was the longest of all the try-on's

The final choice was the animal print, with a fun belt.
I thought I would do red...

But then I tried a hot pink sash on with it and like it even more!

I was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory.
Our buyer here has a great eye because I can always find some cute pieces when I go in there.
The best part? Every dress I tried on was between $12.99-19.99!
I also got this fun necklace with matching earring for $8.99.
So, for $22 I got an entire outfit with accessories :-)

What have you been shopping for lately?
I really am excited to pull out my sweaters and boots soon!
We are decorating for fall this weekend and I am sooo ready!!!

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Karen said...

I LOVE the dress you went with - especially with the pink sash. I love anything pink. Also, awesome price on your outfit!