Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top Thursday

Because I'm kind of in a blog rut...I think my brain is in shut down mode!  I can't seem to think of anything worthwhile to blog about this week.  We have hardly been home and I think my exhaustion is leading me to not be able to think straight.  Sooo, I am doing what any normal blogger would do and I'm cheating by posting my favorite Pinterest finds this week!
I have just enough brain power for this kind of post...although I am midway through 2 fun DIY projects!!!  I'm excited to post them when I get them finished.

In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of other bloggers labor:

1.BRIGHT painted furniture!
Source: via Shalon on Pinterest

2. And if you start planning now, you can have this bad boy made by October 1!

3. Love this Vintage ornament tute

4. Can I just say I LOVE this entire room??? Every bit of it.
Source: via Paula on Pinterest

5.Totally remembering this for the next birthday!!!

6. And perhaps my favorite...DIY Chevron art!!!

Guess what else???
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!
Woot Woot ;-)

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