Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer

We have enjoyed our pool passes this year.
The first time we went, at the end of May, Lorelei was just a month old!  I can't believe how fast this summer has gone.
Today was the last weekday that our pool was open.
All the kids go back to school within the next 2 weeks around this town and all the summer pools will be closing up shop.
It has been such a great outlet for us on days when we just needed out!
As a special treat for the last day, I let Caleb pick a meal from the snack bar.
He chose a hotdog, fries and a Coke.

I think little Miss Blue Eyes was eyeing the food too!

I have spent so many summer days watching Caleb play in the pool and holding this sweet baby under the shade trees.
It's so much more than just the last pool day of the season.
It represents my babies getting one season older, a new routine that we will have to get used to, a fun time of watching Caleb and Lorelei experience life and fun in a new environment come to a close.
It brings up questions in my mind of where we will be next summer.
It's not just a summer of pool passes that we used, it was a summer of learning and friends and new things and adjusting to life with a newborn.
I know the future will hold great, new experiences but for today, I want to relish in the one's we were able to have over this last season and be thankful for the blessings this summer has brought.
So thankful to Jesus for keeping us all safe and healthy and allowing us these wonderful times together that help to shape the people my children will grow up to be!
It's not just the big events in life that shape them, it's in the everyday too :)


As a super special treat, Caleb got to pick out an ice cream on our way out.
He picked a sour patch kid ice cream.
It melted on our way out to the car, but he licked every last drop of that ice cream treat.
I hope he will remember this fun summer we had.
I know I will never forget it.

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