Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Here!

Pardon my blogging absence.
  I'm just enjoying my time with this cuddly girl and her wild brother ;-)

She "ponders" a lot :)

Her outfit of the day...elephants, bows, and Mary Jane's from Aunt Donna.

Here's that wild brother...who loves his little sister to pieces!

All dressed up for her 2 week doctor appointment.

 Have a very happy weekend!


Side note...I've been breaking out in hives the past 3 days for some unknown reason. They show up in different places each time.  Anywhere from my eyelids and chin to my ankles and under my arms.
After doing a little research, I read where there are quite a few cases of women experiencing hive break outs after giving birth.  Have any of you experienced this?  Any information or help is appreciated! I've never had hives before in my life so I am a bit taken back by their sudden appearance.  I've been taking benadryl but it literally knocks me out.  I need another option to stop this itching! Help?!


Kristina Bellovich said...

I have broken out in hives & was told to use claritin - the non drowsy allergy medicine. It worked really well for me.l =)

Julie Danielle said...

She is so darn cute!

Springmeadows4me said...

I broke out with something after Daniel was born. We never did know what it was but, it was red splotchy places that itched. I used tea tree oil on them it seemed to help but, it does smell.