Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby #2 Nursery Reveal!

I made the curtains and throw pillows from the same grey and white material.

The bunting garland was made by cutting out triangles of different fabric and sewing them together.

Someone wanted in on the pictures...

I found a large framed piece of art at TJMaxx for $10 on clearance.  I took the frame off, spray painted it yellow and then used chalkboard spray paint to paint the glass, then I used chalk to create my "art" which I can switch out when baby gets older.

I created the "tree" by grabbing some lightweight branches from outside and putting them in a big pot.

I painted these onto 2'x2' wood boards. 
 I didn't originally plan to do woodland animals but it just kind of happened and I really like how it all came together. 
When you're doing a gender neutral nursery that is already painted blue, it's hard to figure out a good happy medium and animals are perfect for a boy or a girl.

This is the beautiful crib quilt that my sister in law, Sarah, made.
 I love it so much and can't wait to take pictures of little baby on it!

I love these smocked outfits! 
 I found both of them for under $10 and I am so excited to find out which one I will be using.

Caleb painted this picture all by himself for the baby.  I have to give the credit for this idea to Seth.  I was stumped on what to put above the bed.  Ideally, I'd love a headboard but that just wasn't happening right now, so Seth came up with this idea!  We found this great sized canvas at Hobby Lobby for $15 after using the 40% off coupon and Caleb had a lot of fun creating this for his baby.

I asked him if he would go stand beside his painting so I could take a picture and this is what he did...he is such a nut!

I also made the crib skirt from the same material as the curtain and pillows.

Now that the nursery is done, all that's left is to wait for the baby to get here and we are so ready...especially this little guy!


Mcconnell said...

The room is beautiful!! You did a wonderful job on it! I'm so excited to hear if you'll be bringing home a baby in blue or pink!!! I know you must be ecstatic!
You're so creative! Job well done!!!

Amelia Bedelia said...

Ohh it's beautiful! I love the colors and creative decor. you choose! I'm in the same shoes as you, we aren't finding out! Next week I'm revealing our nursery! :)


Alysson said...

ok-ok!!! cutest nursery ever!! LOVE the art by Caleb. He's so adorable!

Jen said...

I love how it turned out! It looks so comfy!

Angela said...

This room is gorgeous! You did a amazing job, I don't have kids yet but i'm jealous of the room. And LOVE the crib!

Shelby said...

oh my goodness - those paintings above the crib make me so happy! great room! makes me anxious to start my nursery!!


JG said...

That looks amazing! Well done! :)

Megan said...

What a wonderful nursery! I love that your waiting to find out the gender, the decor is perfect for boy or girl!!