Friday, February 10, 2012


29 weeks

 30 weeks

Caleb wanted in on the action...silly as usual
Today I am 31 weeks!!!
Where is this time going?
Caleb "helped" me hang the curtains in the nursery.  
I also managed to make a big chalkboard art piece and I found a cute crib sheet on clearance at Target for $3.50!
We still have to pull all the baby stuff from the attic.  I'm getting nervous that we aren't going to get everything done in time, especially since time seems to be passing super quickly.
We also decided to throw Caleb a little birthday party next weekend.  
He is turning THREE!
Between planning that party, keeping up with my Etsy shop, and getting all this baby stuff together, I am one busy lady...but having fun doing all of it :)

Yesterday, we went to visit Seth at work.  
Caleb insisted on finding *everything* he owned that was remotely "soldier-y" to wear to see his daddy.  He wanted to be an Army man. 
 He wore his Patton helmet everywhere around base and we got quite a few was pretty daggone cute.

And this is exactly why Caleb loves going to see his daddy at work.  
Lot's of guy stuff everywhere. 
 He is 100% BOY!

Let me tell you a funny Caleb story. 
 Last night, Caleb came up to Seth and said he needed to show Mommy something.
  I was in the bath tub so Seth asked him, "What do you need to show her?" Caleb hands Seth a book that he has in his hand.  Seth takes the closed book and notices that it has some extra bulk to it.  He opens it up...and finds a pair of Caleb's underwear in between two pages.  All the while Caleb is cracking himself up and yelling, "It's underwears in there!!!"
That kid. 
 I am pretty sure I have a class clown on my hands.

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Happy Weekend!!!


Amelia Bedelia said...

Ohh you look amazing!! I hope to good that good when I hit 30 weeks!xoxo,

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog hun!! You are such an inspiration. I wish I had HALF your energy and creativity! I'm just a phone call away if you need anything.