Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Sweeeet Valentine Ideas

I can not believe Valentine's Day is tomorrow...can you?!?! 
February is flying by.
I do love Valentine's though.
Here are some of my favorite Valentine's ideas that were just too cute and yummy not to share with you!

What a fun kids Valentine idea:

These are free, retro style cute...and did I mention FREE?!?

ADORABLE DIY ruffle heart dress

My favorite candy!

GREAT boys Valentine idea..especially when your little boy wants to steer clear of "mushy" Valentines!

Do these look delish or what???

Pretty sure no one could resist these...

OR these!!!

I think this would be the perfect Valentine's outfit!

And this is just cute for all aged girlies

Don't forget about the Valentine giveaway..end's tomorrow and winner will be announced by the end of the day!
 You have 24 more hours to enter!!!
Good luck!!!

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Mary Catherine said...

I love the polyvore valentines day outfit idea!