Wednesday, January 4, 2012

twenty. five.

I am 3/4 of the way through week 25...WEEK 25!!! I can NOT believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  So much faster than my pregnancy with Caleb.  I always heard people say that once you have another little one to chase around, 40 weeks flies by and boy were they right!

Here are a few pictures my mama took from this past weekend.
 My family came to visit and we went to the beach for the day...a great surprise for the month of December.  
The joys of living in the south!

I had a dream last night that the ultrasound tech at the hospital accidentally told me I was having a boy.  I was SOOO upset!  The worst part is that I was in labor when she told me.  If that happens, I will probably have to hurt someone. 


♥Carlos, Elizabeth, and Addison♥ said...

You look great! I'm only at 14 weeks and even though it's my second, I feel like it's going by slow. I've heard that people usually dream about the opposite sex than what they are having!

Angela said...

Wow time does fly! It seems like just yesterday that you were announcing your pregnancy haha! You look great btw!

Melissa said...

you look great, it's crazy to think you are already 25 weeks!