Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Shop Re-Opening

Hey there friends!
Just wanted to drop in and say I have re-opened my baby shop after many, many months of it being closed.
I only have a few items in there right now, but I will be adding more every day.

Feels good to sit at the sewing machine again.
Hopefully this energy lasts for a while longer.
I start my 3rd trimester in NINE days!!!
I can NOT believe how fast this pregnancy is going.
Excited to meet our new little one in a few months.

Will we have a girl or boy???
It's a good thing I don't know because I would be sewing all kinds of new things, especially if it's a girl!
We kept everything from when Caleb was itty bitty, so I am well stocked in the boy department.
I'll guess I'll just stick to sewing for the shop right now ;-)

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