Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Your State and Warm Weekends

I added a few new fun things to my shop this morning. 
 I am especially excited about these state plates:
Virginia and Alabama State Plates
Available in any state or country!

I created this plate for Valentine's. 
I think it would make a cute gift for some love birds.

I can't believe it's already time to be thinking of Valentines!

I always say that after the holidays are over, I'm done with the cold weather and ready for Spring.
Luckily, we have had some super warm days down here in the south and it really has felt like Spring.
We took advantage of the park a couple blocks down from us...it would be a shame to waste a Spring-like day in the middle of winter! Don't you agree?

This one seriously cracks me up.  I was trying to take a picture of Caleb when I realized Seth was standing behind him, pretending like he was going to get him with a bat!  Caleb had no clue...

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Danielle said...

Cute plates and great photos! New to your blog but you sure know how to capture some great moments! Lovin your creativity! =)