Friday, September 9, 2011

My fall wreath!


Final product!
I made it "au naturale"  
Mostly from stuff out of our yard...pine cones, sticks, the usual.
I like that our last name begins with "W"...a very easy letter to conjure up from old twigs.
Caleb even got in on the action.
His craft involved taking all the glue sticks out of the bag and lining them up on the table.
He was very proud of his final product.

I also took Caleb out for a special Friday treat.  
He chose a sprinkle donut
We sat down to eat and he proceeded to bite and lick every last sprinkle off the top of his donut and even tried to eat the ones he had dropped on the floor.

Then he asked for more sprinkles...

See this delicious food? It's a boiled egg loaded with tons of PEPPA!!!  Seth thinks I'm crazy for eating these....especially when I eat them in the bed while we are watching TV together.  He gags and says it smells like rotten eggs....go figure...bahaha
Happy Weekend!
Ooooo I just LOVE Fridays!!!


Melanie said...

I just bought some stuff at the store yesterday to make a fall wreath! It's on tab for today or maybe tomorrow ;)

Jen said...

I love boiled eggs! I eat one everyday!

Jenna, SAS Interiors said...

Beautiful wreath! I just featured it in my Autumn Wreath Roundup post. Here's the link:

I'm also a new follower!
Jenna, SAS Interiors