Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet Our New Friends

Here's Gabe.  
Sensible, deep thinker, Sweet to Caleb, Mario enthusiast, professional trampoline flipper, studying Tae Kwan Do, informed me that he always has red eye in every photo, in which I told him I did too and then we both talked about having mutual blue eyes....lives 3 houses down and has a bad-boy picture pose.

Meet Addie...also known as Abbie D because Caleb doesn't know how to just say "Addie".
Red headed, energy filled, girly-girl, shares high heels, undercover spy, don't bring peanuts anywhere near her, loves smiley face potato fries, Caleb is obsessed and I mean completely obsessed with her, she makes us laugh...really hard...she also lives 3 houses down and is really good at talking her way into getting cookies.

Here is Caleb.  You already know him but this is a new side of Caleb....the one that wears Abby D's high heels.  
I think it's part of his undercover spy get-up...or at least I hope so

There you have it!
Next time I will introduce you to the power couple in charge of Gabe and Addie...they are in a league of their own!  They have us over for dinner a lot and we think they're down right awesome.

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