Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peek in my kitchen window

I'm slightly fascinated with other people's houses!  Wouldn't it be fun to go from house to house, peeping in and taking a look at the way other people live? Okay, maybe I am sounding creepy now...

Here is my kitchen.  You can look...I won't call you creepy.

Bumbo seat, in the seat and don't you love my puke green towel that I didn't see until now

Milk glass and white ceramic...divine!

My seafoam Martha Stewart canisters and beaded board backsplash...Martha may be high maintenance but I sure do love her stuff

I'm convinced that hardwood flooring is the best thing that could ever happen to a home

Every kitchen must have an oversized fork and spoon, otherwise it just isn't a kitchen

More milk glass...eep!

The Caleb special.  I was looking for my eraser last night to do my homework and I couldn't find it anywhere...opened up the dishwasher this morning and lo and behold....that little stinky head


JG said...

Well, the eraser DOES look kind of like a dishwasher pack. :)

Love your color scheme!

Reccewife said...

yesterday I found a star wars figure in my fridge behind the milk. It``s always something! Beautiful kitchen!

Angela said...

Love your kitchen. The colors, flooring all works great together!