Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Guy

On the days that Caleb doesn't have school, we usually spend the day at home together, watching "tunes", coloring and napping.

  I love this time with him.  
He is in a good two year old stage right now....I say that so cautiously!  
We are constantly going through new phases and stages with Caleb, some good and some bad.  The hitting stage about did me in but this year his teacher's said he is such a sweetie and he hasn't had one issue with hitting.  I am praying that it stays this way!  

He so cuddly and lovey. 
 He still likes to wrestle and be rough but thankfully he has learned how and when to do that! 
I am trying to enjoy every moment with my little guy now because I know one day, too soon, I will staring at him from the back, his book bag on his back and his lunchbox in his hand and he will be heading into kindergarten...all day every day :(
  Then one day I will stare at him as he walks into his college dorm room and then one day day he'll walk down the aisle....booo hoooo, now I'm crying!
Okay, okay, I will stop being so sentimental...

For now, he is my little man and I love the all day play times we get to have.  I will enjoy every hide and seek game, every kiss and hug and every boo boo that only I can fix...seriously, daddy's kisses apparently aren't good enough when it comes to boo boo's!

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Clifford Jeffery said...

Sniffle. Not what a pregnant woman needs to read. Sweet post and he just gets cuter every day!!! I may bel calling you for tips on the hitting phase! =)