Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I keep putting this post off but I have to post about our trip to Williamsburg.  I left Caleb with my family in Virginia for the weekend and drove to Williamsburg to pick Seth up from the airport so we could spend our very first weekend away, by ourselves, since Caleb was born!  We had SO much fun!  I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself for worrying about Caleb, but I was wrong...we enjoyed spending time alone, not trying to entertain a 2 year old or make sure he's not getting into anything he's not supposed to.  Believe me, we love our little Caleb and enjoy this bittersweet 2 year old stage where one minute he's behaving horrendously and the next, he's the sweetest angel you ever did see.  However, 3 days away from him gave us a much needed break to relax and take time to enjoy each other.  Here are some, okay maybe a lot, of pictures we took while we were there:

We stayed at the Williamsburg Winery and it was beautiful!

Breakfast (my favorite part of the trip..haha!)
I just felt so fancy!
We ate our breakfast on a side wing with tons of windows and a view of the pool and courtyard.
We had quiche, fresh fruit, toast and the best coffee you've ever tasted.

We spent our first day at Busch Gardens.
We saw the huge Clydesdales,

 Seth almost bought these ridiculous sun glasses out of desperation.

We took a really dumb picture that makes us look old and crazy,

We rode a horse, or whatever you'd like to call this:

We stomped grapes in Italy,

We tried on some really amazing/creepy masks

That night we ate at Shields Tavern...we definitely felt like we were in a time warp!  Everyone was in period costumes and we ate by candlelight...absolutely no electric lighting in the room! The food was amazing and the portions were huge!  The dishes were replica's of dishes they found when they did some excavating in the back yard...how neat is that?

We also visited the governor's palace and someone was nice enough to take a picture for us...I love people who offer to take a picture!

Isn't it beautiful?

We spent a day walking around historic Williamsburg and a day shopping at the amazing outlet mall!
This wins the award for the most interesting thing we saw, not really sure what it is...some type of boat car???:

We couldn't forget to take photo's of outfit of the day...even Seth let me take one of him with his new Columbia outfit on ;-)

(My new purse my mama bought me for my bday!)

We had a GREAT time!!!  It was fun and relaxing and a trip we will never forget :-)


The Ballou's said...

We love our little ones too, but there is something about a "getaway" post-children that is extra-special. So glad you guys got to have a little time to yourselves!! Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time!

Robin said...

A getaway with out children?? What is that. In the past 9 years since having Karen I have never gotten to have a getaway. Glad you guys managed to have one! Looks like it was wonderful and a great chance to reconnect one on one!

Michelle A'etonu said...

wow! what a great trip and great pics. LOVE your Vera purse :)