Friday, June 24, 2011

Patriotic Pops

These red, white and blue popsicles are so yummy!  

I will have to be honest and say that getting the tri-color popsicle wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done, but well worth it because Caleb loves them and they are made with real fruit!

Here's how-to make them:
Get some popsicle molds...I tried two different kinds that I found at Walmart for under $3.  Unfortunately, the first set of popsicles were eaten faster than I could take a picture of them so I just have pictures of the cool, rocket shaped ones...which I find to be the perfect mold for Patriotic Pops!

For the white:
1 cup sweetened coconut flakes
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbl sugar or splenda
Mix in  blender or food processor

Strawberries, about 6
Splash of milk (enough to allow the strawberries to blend well)
1 tbl sugar
5 drops of red food coloring (optional)
Mix in blender or food processor
I also think watermelon would be a great strawberry substitute!

1/2 C Blueberries
4 tbl juice (I used apple and prune mixed, any kind would work though!)
1 tbl sugar
4-5 drops of blue food coloring (optional)
Mix in blender or food processor

If you end up making too much for your molds, you can always store them in your freezer until you are ready to make another batch!

You will need to pour each color in separately and let freeze completely.  When it was time to take my popsicles out, I ran water on the outside of the molds to help it come out easier.

They are so yummy and I didn't even feel bad about letting Caleb have one for breakfast this morning.
He started saying, "bicycle, pwease???" 
Translation: bicycle=popsicle

My favorite is the coconut so I also made myself some Coconut Ice Cream Bars with the same recipe I used for the Patriotic Pops...luckily Seth isn't a fan of coconut so they were all MINE!!!
Muah hahahaha!!!

These are perfect for a July 4th cookout, a hot summer's day or apparently breakfast too! :)


JG said...

I'm not a coconut fan, either, so I'd probably sub banana. :) But these look great!!

Carolyn said...

Yup, gonna try these now....with LOTS of coconut--my family doesn't like it either. MORE FOR MOMMY! =)