Friday, June 3, 2011

Local Fashion

Here in Columbus, everyone knows about a cute little boutique called "The Blue Door".  I have lately been obsessed with flipping through their facebook albums.  They post new clothes every day and I drool over them all!  The great thing is that they also have an online shop.  I decided to share a few of my favorite styles with you all.  I hope my husband reads this post so that I just may be "surprised" with a gift card on my birthday, since this is my birthday month :)

Here is the owner in a really cute orange and hot pink top.  I love this color combo.

They had a fun contest this week on their facebook page.  Whoever had the best name for this dress, won it in their choice of color...and my friend Jessi won!  Her winning name was "Tahiti Sweetie".  She has bleach blonde hair and she picked the pink dress which will look fabulous on her! Lucky duck! 

I'm not a huge fan of rompers but this one is adorable!

Maxi SKIRT!!! 

This one is the one I would buy with my gift card.  It looks so comfortable and you can wear it just like it is or with a sweater when it gets cooler out...I love it!

The perfect work/church dress.  Modest without being frumpy!

Wait! Maybe I would choose this awesome turquoise dress!

How FUN are these tops?

The perfect summer dress, literally perfect!

Sometimes a bold look is the way to go!

Aren't these all soooo cute!?!?!?  Makes me want to throw out all my clothes and restock with clothes from their shop! :)

Happy Friday everyone!  It's the weekend, wear something cute and show us!!!  I'm gonna have a "What I Wore Weekend" Blog party next week, so dress up, take a picture and join the party!


Miss Lifeguard and Mister Guardian said...

These are all so cute! I'm thinking I might need to shop the online store very soon!

Angela said...

VERY cute stuff! Love how summery (is that a word? lol) everything looks.

Julia said...

I love this boutique!

Alysson said...

oh my gosh!!! I want to go here :) Maybe this will go on the agenda for this weekend!