Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrifty Finds!

I have found some pretty fun thrift store things the last few weeks and I wanted to show them off to you :)

2 Ornate Candle Holders for the wall...I am trying to decide what color these will be painted! $4 for BOTH!

Petit Ami Smocked Dress with the tags still on! $4
I can't pass up sweet little smocked dresses.  I figure that if I never get to use them, someone in my family will!

Woops! How'd he get in here?  Oh, I know...he's too cute not to stick in here somewhere ;-)  Moving on....

Vintage tin from England $1...not exactly sure what's gonna happen with it but it was too cheap and retro to leave behind!

Hold onto your under-roos for this one...I bought a Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair at the flea market for $15!!!! It is in fantabulous shape and guess what the original price tag is on one of these bad boys? $250!!!! Don't believe me? Look at this website. I remember looking at them when I was buying Caleb's highchair and I thought they were so cool but WAY out of my price range...needless to say I was beside myself when I found this sitting there in the dirt and the person told me I could have it for $15!!!  The wooden slats are adjustable and it can even be converted into an adult chair!

Plus I found a huge bundle of baby blue and white striped seersucker fabric (3 or more yards at least, I haven't measured it) for $2.50!

This has been a VERY successful thrifting time in my life :)  Have you found any great thrift store finds lately?


jessica said...

I am so jealous you found that Stokke Tripp Trapp! I loved them but my dear husband has thought they were way too expensive for what they are. (He is probably right) But $15?!?! What a steal! Good job! :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awesome finds!!

Sarita said...

That little girls dress is ADORABLE! Great find!

Jen said...

Where did you go thrifting when you were in KY?

Anonymous said...

LOVE thrifting...I have rules for myself now in how often I am allowed to go...eh! Went today and found a vintage FENDI cosmetic bag for $1.00!!!