Monday, January 31, 2011

A new day

I've always known I am a morning person.  I am always the first one up in my house and there is something so calm and peaceful about walking into my dark living room when it's cold and quiet. My chair is always sitting there waiting for me to come and warm it up. I love being the first one up. I get to drink my coffee in total silence and I get to sit and think about anything I choose in the complete quiet of my living room.

Another reason why I love mornings has showed itself in this past week though.  I have come to realize that mornings are a fresh start.  They are a new chance at a new day...a second chance at a failure or a first chance at a dream.  Every morning holds endless possibilities.  We get to choose a new outfit, eat a new breakfast and decide whether we are going to be productive or not.  We have the chance to make good choices and move on from bad ones.  We have the opportunity to allow ourselves to mourn and grieve and the next morning we have the same opportunity to allow our wounds to heal...even the deep ones.  Every morning we have the choice of remembering who we are and why we are here.  We get to count our blessings, forget our failures and give ourselves another chance at living.  God is the only one who knows how many mornings we have left here on this earth and I really don't want to waste my last morning...whenever it may be.

This morning Caleb and I took some pictures together.  We were running late but you never know when you might miss your last chance to capture a precious moment.

God gave us a rainy morning.  He allowed the rain to come down and help wash away a little more of our pain.  He allowed me to rediscover my life and to hold on tight to all of my blessings.  God has helped me to stop and look at Caleb a little longer, to be a little more grateful of the miracle He has given to me and the joy that Caleb brings my heart.

This morning I was given the chance to live, really live, in the present, look forward to all the wonderful things the future may hold, remember my past without letting it wear me down and be grateful for all of the difficulties I have and will encounter because I know it is God shaping and molding me into a stronger person.

I'm thankful that my past doesn't define my future and I am thankful that today and every day from here on out is a new start.


StephieD said...

Ok, it's official. I'm in love with your neighborhood. The background in all your photos so is beautiful! :) I am not a morning person, but I feel the same way about the evenings. I've always been a night owl and being the last one up gives me the chance to tuck the kiddos in imagine what they are dreaming of, watch the hubby sleep and know he isn't stressing, and just unwind and have my personal time! :) And by the way, I love the new photos!

JG said...

You are so beautiful, inside and out! I am not a morning person, but take a lot of those feelings and make them "after everyone else has gone to bed," and I feel the exact same way. :)