Monday, November 29, 2010

We had a ball the ball!  I have ALWAYS been a girly girl.  I remember being 4 years old and my incentive for cleaning up my toys would be that I could play "dress up" when I got it all cleaned.  I remember stuffing clothes in my drawers as fast as I could and then running to tear into the dress up box.
Not much has changed since then.  I still reward myself for accomplishing tasks by clothes shopping and I still get all silly, girly girl excited when Seth comes home and tells me that we get to go to a ball!  
Here are a few pictures from our first ball with 3-1 Cav....and we had the best time that we have had in a long time!

Seth's deployment buddy, Travis and my newest, super fun friend, Cassie- they are the biggest Auburn fans you will ever find.  Travis' dad and grandad both played football there...just a little fyi.
 All three of the LT's who were deployed together: Travis, LeeJay and Sethy

The best way to check out your makeup on the way is to take a picture!

Self portrait


Silly photo op...the evening wouldn't be complete without it

Yellow Garter Ceremony- Traditional for Cavalry Units


mixed girl said...


Expat Girl said...

Great pcitures! You all look gorgeous!

Cassie said...

OMGoodness, I was just perusing around etsy land and blog land, and I came across your shop and blog. I discovered that you are at benning, and so are we, so I had to read more! My husband was in 3/1 CAV as well! We were at this ball, haha, small world. I met Cassie very briefly when her husband came to C Troop when my husband was the commander. I just wanted to say that you have a lovely blog, and that I've enjoyed browsing through your awesome creations and reading about your days :D

~Cassie Trask