Monday, November 1, 2010

I found CHICO'S

I found myself walking into Chico's today for the first time.  I am now in love.  I always thought Chico's was only for "older" ladies, but I was wrong! There are some great pieces for middle + aged women but there are also some fab pieces for us younger gals as well.  I apologize for my lack of quality posts lately and the abundance of internet photos as opposed to photos that I have taken.  I promise to post our Halloween weekend pictures soon.  I have been working on my real estate licensing and still catching up on spending time with the hub so I haven't spent as much time blogging as I usually do.  
Back to Chico' are some of my favorites!

Am I crazy or are these outfits super cute???


Mrs. Monkey said...

LOVE the last two!

Rylie's Mama said...

You're not crazy...these outfits are awesome! Can't wait until I can wear "normal" clothes =)