Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our favorite bedtime books

Happy Weekend Yall!!!  I wanted to check in real quick and thought a book post would be fun.  
Here are a few of Caleb's favorite bedtime books (I feel like I have done a similar sorry if this is redundant!).

Good Night Gorilla is his all time #1 favorite:

Coming in at a close second is:
Marvin K. Mooney by Dr. Seuss (who doesn't love Dr. Seuss????)

Here is one of my favorites for us.  I think the stories are slightly too long for a 20 month old, but I am hoping that this will be one of Caleb's favorites in the future.  This book is a GREAT way to introduce kids to the Bible in a fun, story book way.  I happened to grab my copy at a consignment sale for $1, but they sell them everywhere...I even saw it at Walmart recently.
The Beginners Bible is the name and there are two versions floating around.  This is the one that I grew up reading and the one that I found at the consignment sale:
Here is the newer version that you will more than likely find new, in stores:

We also love to visit the library.  It is a good place to test a book out before you buy it.  Just because Caleb likes these books doesn't mean every child will.  I own books that are the most popular in America....Goodnight Moon for example......and Caleb could care less about that book right now.  The library is full of great childrens books and most library's even have story time for kids.  Our library here is amazing.  They have several story times designed around different age levels.  They even do music and puppets and Caleb loves it.  If your library doesn't offer story time, Barnes and Noble has a storytime (usually on Saturday and Thursday mornings).  I will have to say that these are targeted toward older kids with a larger attention span, but they normally hand out samples of frappucinos and do a craft afterwards.  Plus, Caleb and I usually end up staying for the first half of the story and then heading over to the train table to if your kiddo does get bored with the story, there's a back up plan :-)
What are your kids favorite books?

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