Monday, September 13, 2010

Peacock Blue Fall Wreath

Okay, I can't just be normal and go out and buy the leaf wreath at Hobby Lobby, even though I really think they are fall and festive...I just can't bring myself to buy one when there are sooo many cute ones to be made!
Here is my twist on a fall wreath (hello? I had to incorporate turquoise in there somewhere).

Wanna buy it? Click here :)

I also love my friends patriotic wreath that she made.  I am contemplating making one similiar for when Seth comes home.  Very cute though!


SLM said...

Very cute!!! I love all things turquoise!!

JG said...

So cute!! I love your crafts!

Aubrey said...

First, that is an insanely cute wreath! I love turquoise!!! And....I really love your sunday post! Nice to find like-minded believers in blogville...AND I sang that song in church a month is my favorite song I think...I love it!:)